Sunday, February 13, 2011

Many Thanks

Thank you to Karen and Nigella for including me on her list of Stylish Blogger Awardees! I always look forward to reading her posts with wonderful anecdotes and recipes.

There are four rules to accepting this award: thank and link the blogger who nominated you; share seven things about yourself; award fifteen new bloggers and tell them you have done it. So here goes:

  • I used to be afraid of dogs; I now have two.

    • My grandmother taught me how to cook at the age of 10 during my summer holiday - I was mad at her for weeks
    • I am a cookbook fiend - take me to a bookstore and I will procrastinate about the bestsellers but will always leave with a cookbook

    • My most loyal and favorite cookbook, though, is my old, stained spiral notebook
    • I can spend hours in a kitchen gadget store (a shoe store tops my list too)
    • Baking makes me nervous, but I'm trying
    • I am happy to be living in one of the world's food capitals

    I stepped into the blogging world with the intention of simply having a journal of the dishes I cooked for family and friends, and the memories that came along with it. But I have met many like-minded friends through this avenue, and would like to share the Stylish Blogger Award with them:

    Until my next post, happy reading!


    1. i feel so honored to make it to your list of stylish bloggers. I love coming over here.. acutally you're one of the bloggers I would like to share coffee with... or dinner and wish we were neighbors haha... btw, do you have a twitter account?
      Again... thank you for the award... maraming salamat annie!

    2. Hi Annie!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and honoring me with this award. You are too sweet :)

    3. malou and kimba, you're most welcome. i love visiting your blogs so i thought i'd share the award with you. coffee or dinner sounds good to me, so it's a date, where-ever and when-ever!

    4. Hi Annie - thank you so much for the award. I've recently received this award from a couple of other bloggers too, and just posted a reply yesterday, so I've added you to the list of lovely people who've very kindly bestowed this on me. You can see the post here

      Thanks again
      Sue :-)

    5. I enjoyed reading your list about you, especially the bit about dogs. My mum used to dislike them but now has a dog that they wouldn't be without. Keep up the great work with your blog and congrats again!

    6. Congratulations on your award Annie - well deserved.

      I'm just like you in a book store (and a shoe store too!!!)

      Thanks a million for thinking of me :-}}}}}

    7. Hey Annie,

      Thanks you so much for the award!! so sweet of you and what an awesome list of bloggers to be included with. :))))

    8. Annie, congrats for receiving the Stylish Blogger Award! I enjoyed reading these tidbits about you--I can relate to a lot of them but especially the part about spending hours in a kitchen gadget store and yes, a shoe store. :-)

      Thank you so much for passing this award on to me. Wow, what great company I'm in, including you. I'm honored and your thinking of me is much, much appreciated. :-)

    9. Thank you for the award Annie - I enjoyed learning more about you and I happily accept your award too! It's great to know you love dogs as well - what breed are yours? I have two labs!

    10. Annie, what a pleasant surprise--thank you so much for the award! It was fun reading about you, we have some things in common (love of dogs, cookbooks and kitchen gadgets!)
      Congratulations on your Stylish Blogger Award!

    11. Annie,
      Thanks so much for the award. It's very much appreciated!